Florence, Italy: Personalities Make the Difference

I LOVE airport people who have good personalities. When I got to the airport this morning and checked in for my flight to Chicago, the American Airlines flights require passengers to go through a question-answer screening process before even being allowed to get the boarding pass. The lady asking me questions was hilarious. Here’s my attempt to remember all that we said:

Her: Hello Mr. Frieberg, are you in a good mood today?
Me: Yes, definitely.
Her: Wrong answer. I’m getting sick and I’m in a terrible mood.
Me: [GULP with a smirk]
Her: It’s not good to make me jealous. OK, first, you checked luggage already?
Me: Yes, I checked two bags back in Florence.
Her: Don’t run away, I need to go get your ticket and other information — and I’m NOT in a chasing mood.
Me: OK.
Her: Well, we have a problem. You were originally on yesterday’s flight. Do you have a reasonable excuse for missing that one?
Me: My flight here got cancelled from Rome, so I had to catch a later one.
Her: I thought I told you not to make me jealous; WHAT were you doing in Rome?
Me: I was flying through there because I was studying in Italy for the past 3 and a half months.
Her: OK, you might as well not talk anymore.
Her: Now, who owns all of the bags your carrying and all of the contents?
Me: I do.
Her: Good answer. Now, do any of the bags have electronic devices in them that are powered by a battery?
Me: Yep: a laptop, cell phone, digital camera, iPod … and there’s probably more I’m not remembering.
Her: Typical.

She then went through the rest of the questions and instructions about not accepting any packages from anyone.

Her: How long have you had your head shaved?
Me: Almost four months now.
Her: Let me tell you, you look SO much better without hair. Great choice!
Me: Thanks! My substitute Italian teacher thought so too last week.
Her: Well, with two comments from European women, just wait until you get home.

Let me just say: I’m going to really miss Europe. So many people are hilarious and have incredible personalities. Also, everyone flirts to a small degree — even the men — it’s just a happy world-view.

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