Florence, Italy: Flight Selections – No Choice

One of the many themes I’ve finally accepted this semester is that choice isn’t always the best thing. An great instance on my flight to Chicago is the choice of TV shows. On my flight over, each seat had its own TV set. I was able to choose any of the 12 channels that I wanted. It was great, but I ended up not watching many of the shows; I had my laptop and it was easier to choose a DVD than to surf the channels.

The plane for this flight isn’t nearly as fancy as the one I came over on. There are four TVs in the center of the cabin – and they only show one channel. When I first realized this I was a little disappointed. Then they started the TV and it was showing CBS. Great – CBS – a network that I’m OK with, but don’t love. Oh well. Then came the shows: they only showed clips from certain shows. The 60 Minutes was stale; like normal. The Early Show was on rubber stamps; not my thing. The CBS Sports was on Vinny Testaverde; I’ve missed a whole NFL season and it was boring. The rest were phenomenal. They showed the pilot episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much if I was watching it in the States, but on the plane (without commercial interruptions) it was HILARIOUS! After that: “The Late Show with David Letterman” where Dave did a cooking segment with Rachel Ray! Both of them are funny anyway, but putting them together was too much.

Two weeks ago iTunes started selling TV shows from USA and NBC, including segments from Jay Leno. I’m just waiting for them to get an agreement with CBS (in particular for this issue of the cooking segment), Food Network and Comedy Central. Imagine: a 30 minute cooking show costing $2 to download and watch on your computer or iPod when you’re in the kitchen making it. BRING IT ON!!! I’m not sure when/if they will, but I can still hope. 😉

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