A Call to Place – Food

I’m at the Disciples Youth Ministry Network (DYMN) 2012 Retreat this week in Oracle, Arizona.

After meeting some friends at the airport, they asked what I wanted for lunch.  “Anything I can’t get in my suburb of Chicago!”  So one of my friends called up his mother-in-law (a local) and we found El Charro in downtown Tucson.

Copyright 2012 Adam Frieberg

The Chicken Chimichanga at El Charro was exceptional

When we arrived at The Historic COD Ranch we saw that everything centered around hospitality. The rooming arrangements, the layout of public space, and especially the food! all screamed hospitality. Our retreat starts in only a couple of hours (leadership got here a day early) … but already the meals have been delectable … and simple, yet rich.

Eggs at COD Ranch. I don't even like eggs, but these were great!

Vegetarian pizza with olives, feta cheese. As Chuck Pickrel said, "If all meals were this good, I could be wholly vegetarian!"

Fresh Salad at the COD Ranch

Hope showing how awesome the peanut butter / chocolate chip cookies. (If you're happy and you know it ... ;)

The DYMN planning team has started wondering if we should have one or two places that we always come back to. Places that let our souls bond, and let us remember easily why it’s important to always keep building relationships. If DYMN goes that route — my vote for one of those places is the COD Ranch. I’d love to call this DYMN’s place. And not just because of the food!